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Top Rated Solar Panels


Standard Efficiency Panels

SunergyPacific installs solar panels that are among the leading, top rated panels available. The standard efficiency solar panels we install offer an industry standard 25-year warranty. All the panels we install are manufactured to the strictest engineering guidelines, ensuring confidence of customers and installation partners worldwide.

The high-grade materials, innovative production technologies and precision workmanship are priorities in our selection criteria. We strive to offer the highest quality solar panels at the best prices. With the falling prices of many solar panels on the market today for homeowners, we are happy to offer some of the least expensive dollar/kilowatt solar panels on the market today.

Residential Batteries and Demand Management

Batteries bring the promise of solar full circle by storing the excess power your panels generate during the day for use at night or during times of crisis. But batteries are not the only solution for expanding the capabilities of your solar energy system. Smart devices like demand managers can help manage your major power loads and stagger their consumption so that it aligns more efficiently with panel output. Let’s look at both models.

Batteries and Energy Storage

Battery systems for your home fall into three basic categories: emergency backup, peak demand shaving, and off-grid systems. The first two categories require dramatically less capacity and generally cost much less than a full off grid system, which must cover 100% of your power